BISCUIT BOX 3 - Tutorial

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With Biscuit Box 3 you can now use your favourite stacks for the info text as well as for the accept- and decline buttons. This works perfectly with the standard stacks, so no further investment required!
Overview of all changes/new features:

  • Complete re-write for more compliance and more flexibility
  • Besides implied consent, there is now an opt-out mechanism
  • Now the info text is based purely on stacks, so use the stack of your preference to enter, edit and format your text
  • Like the text, buttons are now based on stacks as well
  • Checks site-wide, so it will show only once instead of every page on which it is placed
  • Biscuit Box 2 is still included and fully functioning but will show up as "Biscuit Box 2 (Deprecated)"
  • Biscuit Box 3 is a free upgrade for all owners of Biscuit Box 2!

If you have already purchased Biscuit Box 2, simply re-download your purchase from Paddle and install.

Sample Text - Displays a sample text in Edit Mode.

Test Mode - Always displays the popup in Preview Mode. The stack takes care that this setting is not transferred to your live site should you forget to un-check this setting.

Popup Position - Select where the popup should appear on the page. You can choose between top and bottom.

Button Position - Select where the Accept- and Decline-buttons should be displayed. You can select between In-Line with the text or below the text. Choose either layout according to your requirements, e.g. responsive design.

Text Width - Only visible if Button Position is set to "In Line"; influences the size-relationship between the text and the buttons. Set to 1: narrow text area; set to 10: wide text area.

Vert. Alignment - Only visible if Button Position is set to "In Line"; controls the vertical alignment of text and buttons.

Backgr. Color - Select the background color of the popup. The color selector also allows for opacity.

Padding - Set the padding of the popup. This can help to make it stand out and more readable.

Text Bot. Padding - Sets the padding between info text and the buttons for button position "Below" as well as on medium and small screens.

Med. Screen Size - Sets the break point for medium size screens; everything below is regarded as a small screen, e.g. a smart phone.

Lrg. Screen Size - Sets the break point for large screens; everything above is regarded as a large screen, e.g. a desktop computer.

Button Padding - Sets the padding between the accept and decline buttons on small screens.

Implied Consent - If this setting is checked, implied consent will be assumed, i.e. scripts will be executed unless the user explicitly declines. Otherwise, explicit consent is required, i.e. the user has to accept before scripts are executed. You should not switch to implied consent inside the EU.

Expiry Days - Sets the number of days until the user has to re-decide and the popup is displayed again. You can enter anything from 1 to 9999. While an expiry timeframe of 1 day might be silly, a good standard is 365 days.

Analytics Snippet - Paste your analytics JavaScript code here.

Extra Code - If you have additional JavaScript code, you can paste it here.

Please enter the code without any <script> tags.


  1. Copying the configured stack to all pages on your site is tedious. This is particularly bad should you later have to make changes to either the text or the settings.

    The solution is: Partials! Since Stacks v. 3, you can create Partials.These are templates of configured stacks. This video by YourHead explains how to use them.

  2. Place Biscuit Box as the last stack on your page. This way you avoid any interference with the CSS formatting of other stacks.

TIP for Google Analytics & GDPR

In order to comply with the GDPR privacy regulations, you have to instruct Google Analytics to anonymise the IP address of the visitor. This can be done by adding the line

ga('set', 'anonymizeIP', true);

to your Google Analytics snippet, as indicated in the screen shot on the right. This will replace the last triple of IPv4 addresses with "0.0.0" and for IPv6 addresses, the last 80 of the 128 bits are set to zero.

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