Spinner lets you place an animated Font-Awesome icon anywhere on your page. These are particularly suited to indicate a loading phase. Our Spinner stack is free!


Loading... Loading... Loading... Loading... Loading...

You can select the type between "Spinner", "Circle with Notch", "Refresh" and "Cog".
If you selected "Spinner", you can also switch "Pulse" on which makes the icon spin in 8 steps. This setting only makes sense with the "Spinner" icon. Trust me.
Under "Size" you have the option of 5 different size settings.
"Fixed Width" wraps some white space around the icon. Depending on your layout you can switch this on or off.

In fact, you can rotate any Font-Awesome icon - which actually only makes sense for rotationally symmetric icons, except if you like tumbling shopping carts…


Tip: if you would like to style this stack (it is actually based on a font after all), you can use our Gutenberg stack. See example to the right.

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